Pet-friendly rent HOUSE in Yoichi-cho [Rent 50,000 yen] 1min walk on Supermarket and Lawson

余市町富沢町貸家 余市町

Pet-friendly rental property in Tomizawa-cho, Yoichi-cho, Yoichi-gun [House] Warehouse and store negotiable [Rent 50,000 yen]

🉐Supermarket and Lawson 1 minute walk 🉐Pets available 🅿️Yes 🔴Conveniently close to Sawamachi Elementary School and bus stop

Floor plans of rental houses in Tomizawa-cho, Yoichi-cho

Easy-to-use 3SLDK floor plan with 2 parking spaces (depending on vehicle type)


Yoichi Town Bath

The bath is very clean.


Western-style room in a rental house in Tomizawa, Yoichi

There is a Western-style room on the 2nd floor.


A Japanese-style room in a rental house in Tomizawa, Yoichi

There is also a Japanese-style room on the first floor.


Yoichi Town Living

The living room has been replaced with a cloth punch carpet.


Brand new independent washbasin

We have installed a brand new separate washbasin.


Yoichi Boiler

The hot water supply is a kerosene boiler instead of gas or electricity, so it is very economical in this day and age.


Yoichi Rental Kitchen

The kitchen has been remodeled so that both the boiler and LP gas can be used.


Yoichi Town Rental Toilet

A high-class warm water toilet seat has been installed.


Yoichi Town Rental Grenier

There is an attic that you can put in like Grenier.


[Neighborhood information of pet-friendly rental properties (houses) in Tomizawa-cho, Yoichi-cho, Yoichi-gun]

⭐️Lars Mart Seibu store 58 meters, 1 minute walk
⭐️Lawson Yoichi Tomizawa store 68 meters, 1 minute walk
⭐️Komugi no Slave Yoichi store 120 meters, 1 minute walk
⭐️Seven-Eleven Yoichi Tomizawa store 210 meters, 3 minutes
walk 2 minutes
⭐️Yoichi Sawamachi Post Office 600 meters, 8 minutes on foot
⭐️Yoichi Municipal Sawamachi Elementary School, 950 meters, 12 minutes on foot
⭐️Yoichi Municipal
Nishi Junior High School, 550 meters, 7 minutes on
foot 8 minutes by car


[Property information of pet-friendly rental property (house) in Tomizawa-cho, Yoichi-cho, Yoichi-gun]

⭐️Sunshine pouring down on the south road is warm
⭐️Easy to use 3SLDK (there is a storage room)
⭐️Parking lot 2 cars (free)
⭐️FF oil boiler ⭐️LP
⭐️ Separate bath and toilet
⭐️ Brand new shower mixed faucet
⭐️ Dining and kitchen brand new cloths + brand new punch carpet
⭐️ Pets allowed (consultation required
Snow removal in winter


Public sewer / Public water supply / LP gas / Pet consultation / Good sunlight / Brokerage fee free / Indoor washing machine storage / Electricity available / Separated bath and toilet / Hair washing vanity / Shoe box / Intercom


[Initial cost of pet-friendly rental property (house) in Tomizawa-cho, Yoichi-gun] Rent 50,000 yen

[Initial cost]
Rent 50,000 yen (with pets 60,000 yen) → Free rent for the first month 0 yen (free for move-in month)
Parking fee 0 yen
Brokerage fee 50,000 yen (with pets 60,000 yen) → 0 yen
Management fee 0
yen 450 yen → Paid to neighborhood association Key
money 50,000 yen (with pet: 60,000 yen)
Guarantor company guarantee fee (2 years) 25,000 yen (with pet: 30,000 yen) Fire insurance: 27,540
yen circle

A total of 282,990 yen, but
⭐️ 132,540 yen ⭐️ If you have a pet, 147,540 yen


🉐 Flexible budget!
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Located in Yoichi, Ral’s, Seven, and Lawson are nearby, and the road width is 20 meters, so the town removes snow quickly!


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